Director Roger Nygard traveled the world asking theologians, scientists, skeptics, and everyday people 85 tough questions to try to understand The Nature of Existence! Now that he’s asked the experts, it’s YOUR TURN! To offer your own insights on today’s question, “Does a soul have the same thoughts and feelings when outside the body?”, Leave a Reply below!


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6 Responses to “Question #66: Does a soul have the same thoughts and feelings when outside the body?”

  1. Cubie World says:

    see question number 86: What is Our True Body?

  2. Cubie World says:

    Really, we go around thinking we are carrying the weight of the world, when all along it has been the World going around, carrying the weight of us.

    This is the truth of it. Discussion closed. All your egg sandwiches on wheat are belong to us.

  3. Robert says:


  4. Jeff says:

    This question implies consciousness of mind without the working physical brain. An organ that is so easily damaged when deprived of oxygen for even a short amount of time.

  5. Federico Pizarro says:

    no, if i got ripped out of my body i’d be freaking more mad than i’d ever been

  6. Laura says:

    Seeing as it’s part of the brain, nope.

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