Question #1: Why Do We Exist?

Director Roger Nygard went across the entire world asking theologians, ministers, priests, imams, rabbis, scientists, physicists, biologists, and skeptics 85 questions to try to understand The Nature of Existence!

Now that he’s asked the experts, it’s now YOUR TURN! Every day we’re going to ask YOU one of the very same questions Roger asked in his award-winning documentary. To offer your own insight into today’s question, “Why do we exist?” click the “Leave a Response” button and type away!


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275 Responses to “Question #1: Why Do We Exist?”

  1. Sudarshan Shrikanthan says:

    Because Nature Loves us…we exist to be alive.. to be happy

  2. John V. says:

    We exist yet we do not why we exist. We exist to find meaning to existence. When we reach that point, we can either continue to exist, or to stop existing altogether.

  3. Alexandra says:

    There is a God. We are his children; a creation that is also a part of him. There are angels. We are not alone.

    How do I know? One of his angels came to me when I was dabbling in witchcraft, and I stopped.

    He didn’t just knock on my door. He is here on earth, hands on. He gave me the power to perceive him, and slowly but surely, he proved that he was an angel of the lord.

    Trust in God. Have faith.

  4. mike says:

    Because a long line of animals we call ancestors followed their animal instincts to mate.

  5. badger says:

    the purpose of life is understanding the understanding…………………………..true story!!!

  6. Daniel says:

    It is absurd to think there is a reason for our existence. We exist because we do.

  7. Elijah says:

    No human knows the reason for our existence, only God knows. So if you want to know why, ”know God first”

  8. Mitchell Reedman says:

    We exist because the forces of nature created us unintentionally,

  9. Paul Smith says:

    To ask the question assumes there is an answer. Yet if we had not existed, we would simply not have been here to ask this question.

    This does not mean there is a reason for our existence: only for the question.

  10. pablo says:

    We exist because the Eternal Self-existing Creator Of all things Created man and women to be made in His perfect holy righteous character that our Messiah Yehshua represented in the flesh. The Heavenly Father gave us His word to teach and instruct us His perfect character when we live and follow His word(teachings & instructions that are recorded in His word) in our daily lives in the flesh. For proof and evidence go to the website, repent the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!!!

  11. Laura says:

    Infinite Monkey Theorem – Anything that can happen will happen given a sufficiently long period of time. Grim when applied to this, but a proven theorem.

  12. khan karim says:

    The answer is simple, everything exists from nothing. We will never know how it all started but everything exits from nothing . After 100 years there will be many things which will exits, which today did not exits. Lives keeps on producing from nothing. may be one say, its created from sperm but it is also existed and created from something which also existed only sometime before from nothing. Its like relativity theory, everything depends on others for its existence . Every other things help each other to come into existence from actually: nothing. Think of yourself as nothing of u existed before. How it all started, we will never know because we are just part of this beautiful imagination.

  13. Bharath says:

    Because we were born, was that a choice? if it is I will not take it again

  14. Davies says:

    I have always been thinking about the question why do we exist and for what reason. I have been researching the answer for this question without any answers. So to opinion there will never be a right answer. It is the same qution as asking if god exist. Some times when we ask something we already have our answers in front of our eyes having no knowledg that we had the answer all along in our hands and our minds. We have evolved and changed to our advance to get better to change improving our self is one of our tasks. We are a part o nature so we should take care of our environment for our kids and grand children so the can continuo improving the humans. In one point in our life the next evolution will still continuo looking for the answers or get the answers. In conclusion I think we are the answer the reason of being hear is to lern from each other love having experience having a believe in to some one or something. I hope this will pleas you getting this answer from me just don’t forget

  15. will says:

    The universe is very large and being very large time is expeirienced in millions to billions to trillions of years our purpose why we exist is to experience time in a much smaller scale to be able to take the very large and long and break it down to the very small study understand those parts and put it back together in a new way we are needed to promote change evolution nature can only do so much eventually nature has to create something like us to further extend evolve and change its self we are the instruments of creation through us there will be new life new concissness new understanding nature can only do so much everything manmade isnt separate from nature it is nature we are nature and we exist to bring new life and knowledge to an ever expanding universe

  16. According to eastern philosophies the universe we perceive is not the complete picture. These are merely the reaction of our mind to the stimuli received through the five senses. In other words the universe is an unreal projection of our mind. The perceived universe does not have an absolute existence, though it does have a relative existence until we become aware of a higher truth.
    The analogy given is the perception of a serpent and a rope while one walks through dim light. Until the truth of the rope is known the perceiver is bound to suffer all the anxieties associated with super imposition of a snake on the rope.
    Now comes the question – if there is a higher truth it also needs to EXIST.
    The closest answer is:- It is neither existence nor non-existence. Nor is it at once existence and non-existence. It indeed is not at once not existence or non existence. It is beyond time and space and hence not comprehensible with our senses or mind. Nor is it possible to express it with our speech. For, all the perceptions, emotions and thoughts can exist only in space and time. The only way to realise it is to transend all the worldly experience that we project through senses and mind. There are several spiritual practices postulated to transcend the worldly experience and realise the truth.

  17. John Silverman says:

    Chemistry. Pure and simple chemistry on a cosmic scale. Why give all these metaphysical narratives added to the basic science which is wondrous? What are the odds of life developing where there is none, and then over millions of years evolutionary adaptation leading to a creature who can think abstractly and add these narratives?

  18. A says:

    We exist because of science.

  19. Toplica says:

    I think because there must be consciousness for existence. If something wants to exist, it must be somehow registert by any kind of consciousness.

    LIke: If we would not exist, there would not be the question “why do we exist”

    somehow like this!

    So i think there is no purpose but more of a circumstance.

    Please excuse my broken English :-)

  20. “exist” – this term comes to discussion when we say that a thing is present, living, available etc., all the above things have opposites viz., absent, dead/non-living, not available. exist is antonym of extinct. it clearly comes to mind that before “exist”ance came into being their was non-existance. ALLAH (swt) says to all human beings in the Holy Quran that before you were brought into creation you were “dead”. now exist is also temporary because it has quite a number of antonyms. coming to the point of the question, the answer is, we exist to perform the will of our Creator, until He permits, with total autonomy and independence to perform His will or not for which common sense is in-built (nourishment is required by parents since childhood, for a better and good citizen). the reward for total allegiance to our Creator is probably Heaven, a place where everything happens what a human dreams of, in this impossible world. all impossibles in this world are possible in Heaven. lengthy answer brother.

  21. Kevin M says:

    Instead of asking why enjoy what nature gives you. There are always questions without a definite answer and to think is to waste, live in the present.

  22. Erik says:

    We exist because life adapts to its environment in order to send its DNA into the future. Billions of years of adaptation has culminated in the intricately complex and elegantly beautiful human being. It’s a near impossibility that we exist. Makes you think there may have been some kind of divine architecture. However, all life great and small adheres to the same path that brought us forward in order to do the same thing: send their DNA into the next generation. Our souls are manifestations of our need to survive: an expression of adaptation in the highest degree. Or else, there is a God and he’s doing a morality experiment with toys he created. Way easier answer.

  23. Stefano A. says:

    Existence is not simply to serve one purpose or set out to a goal. When you are standing at the peak of a mountain watching clouds pass by, feeling and smelling a sweet wind pass through you as a sunrise elevates your spirit across the distant horizon. When you can feel the bond with all things that most people ignore by the day simply by being in the present moment. When you can ignore materialism, greed and corporate desire to see through to a reality that may only seem like fantasy until you feel that moment of peace.These are the things that make life to me. I notice the more time i spend in nature and away from society, the more i realize humans lost the most important reason we are alive along the way. Though that reason may be without purpose or without a goal to is what makes us… an ever present coexistence with the stars that one day may lead us to all the answers we seek.

  24. JC says:

    We exist so God can recognize Himself.

    It’s too bad, though, by the time you get to realize that God is using you and you–indeed–*are* God in a Trinity (as you are Christ) you GAIN NOTHING. You learn the Truth and then God kills you like He did Christ.

    And that’s why men who have reached Christ Consciousness no longer preach God. They seek the only other part of the Trinity that hasn’t deserted him, namely, Spirit.

    I reached God Consciousness. I reached God Realization. I am Christ. I have died. All I have left is Spirit.

    *ANY* Spirit. Be it the Spirit of St. Louis, Good Spirits, Bad Spirits or in the Spirit of Winning… Become Spiritual…

    That’s all we got left.

  25. Mohammed Maqbool Manckan says:

    The unknown longing is the first cause of existence and will continue till that longing is not fulfilled. Nobody, none knows what is actual longing and how long it will be there, it’s a confounded mystery that only a losing in the losing of existence can precisely answere this question.

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